Welcome to Steamlands.com, home to Steamlander Forums, Steamlands Wiki, and eventual gateway to the League of Avatars™ from Steampunk Island Inc. This site has gone through many permutations since launching in 2007, but our mission remains the same: to help turn the Internet into an open immersive 3D world using standards based technology and open source.

September 2017 was a particularly tumultuous month in this site’s ongoing development. Prodded by our recent move to our 3rd (and so far most powerful) dedicated server, and changes to covenants in at least one of our favorite steamlands communities in SL, we attempted to take the old phpBB forum to the most recent release of phpBB. After finding it even more difficult to work with than before, a decision was made to make a radical departure from our earlier approach, to overhaul the site underpinnings back to front, and to redouble our efforts developing our own software in-house.

Thank you for your interest and continued support!

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